Welcome to the wonderful world of The Dead Times - you've made the right choice in visiting this site. But, what is the dead times, I hear you say? Like a cloaked and mysterious storyteller confined to the earthly medium of ink, I shall tell you the answer, should you take the time to read my carefully crafted text.

Imagine you wake one morning to find the recently dead roaming the Earth as mindless, flesh-eating Zombies. What will you do? How will you stay alive? How will you defend your home? Who will you trust? And just what is a Zombie anyway?

This scenario, to the common man, may seem nothing more than an overdrawn and utterly fanciful doomsday setting formed by the collective mind of a tainted media. Can Zombies really exist - can anything, once thought dead, live again to torment the living? And just how far does the rabbit hole of Zombie-hood go - how deeply has the infection spread throughout modern culture?

All these questions will be answered (as best they can be) and even more thrown up as I collate everything "Zombie" into one brain-chomping Resource of the Dead. These are not the End Times, these are... The Dead Times.




What is a Zombie?


The question "What is a Zombie?" is not as straightforward as it seems - it is actually deathly difficult to get a concise yet exhaustive answer. This article takes you through the rise of the Zombie, from its humble beginnings, through the infamous Romero period, right up to where it is today. Finally, the article provides the answer, beautifully simple yet engagingly open, to the elusive question of just what is a Zombie.

The Zombie Giftocalypse V


Christmas is a coming - it is inevitable, just like the Zombie Apocalypse. Make sure you're ready for the big day with the fifth annual Zombie Giftocalypse; jam-packed with ten diabolically cool items to keep the undead-fans in your life happy, right up until the dead rise from their graves to take this mortal world for themselves. Merry Christmas everybody and have a bodacious new year!

2018: Meltdown


2018 is undeniably packed with Zombie projects in the works - films, games, TV series and more. In this lengthy article, you can catch up on all of them. Highlights include the Resident Evil 2 remake, The Walking Dead season 9 and, prequel to George Romero's masterpiece, Rise of the Living Dead.

Nights of the Living Dead


It all started back in 1968 when, relative new-comer, George Romero, brought terror into our hearts for decades to come with his legendary movie, Night of the Living Dead. This was the first outing of the modern Zombie and, ever since, the concept of the resurrected dead hellbent on eating the living has wormed its way into popular culture like an unenviable virus. Nights of the Living Dead is a collection of short stories, all set within the dreaded 48 hours of that initial outbreak, written by some of the best minds in the industry, bound together in a single book by Jonathan Maberry - leading Zombie fanatic - and none other than the 'Godfather of the Dead' himself; George A. Romero.

The Real Dev Diary of the Dead


A few months ago, I embarked on a journey; one, not through a post-apocalyptic world ruled by the living dead, but one equally stacked with vulnerability, the potential reward as great as the chance of success was small - a voyage into a realm that I had glimpsed only fleetingly before, a quest to create a game. The match was struck, a manifest was created and, with naught but simple idea, the ship of creation set to sea, cast adrift into a dark and terrible ocean, the goal continually shifting and wavering out of view, yet my determination - the will to reach my objective - propelling the ship through the churning waters, forever forward, no mercy, no retreat. This is the story of that fateful embarkation - a triumphant march towards glory or ignominious fall into the stinking pit of ill repute. This is my story.

The Last of Us: Remastered


The Last Of Us is a third-person action game where the player, in control of grizzled survivor Joel, must guide young girl, Ellie, through a Zombie infested post-apocalyptic nightmare world in order to reach The Fireflies - a ragtag outfit who stand up to the seemingly corrupt military. In this world, threats are everywhere; both from the living - the looters, the gangs, the crazies - and the dead. These are no normal living dead Zombies though. A fungoid-virus has taken hold of those once living and addled their brains, causing them to turn on their fellow man and eventually even sprout spore-spreading fungal bodies out of their flesh, ready to spread the infection even more. No one is immune, everyone will die and get back up, a pathetic puppet of a microbial master. However, when one girl is bitten and does not turn, the world changes once more. That girl, that last great hope for humanity, is the girl under your care, Ellie, and you must do everything possible to keep her safe.



Way back in 2014 there came a pitch for a Resident Evil TV series - something that, very disturbingly for the massive RE geek that I am, I managed to miss. Due to be titled "Arklay" (after Resident Evil's infamous Arklay Mountain region) and cast as a sort-of supernatural, detective, conspiracy, X-Files crime-thriller, the series was said to be in early development but already had a carefully thought-out plot. However, with no new information for over three years, it became clear that the promising show had fallen into the quagmire of development hell, never to be heard of again. This week though, Arklay's creator, Shawn Lebert, released a proof-of-concept short film on Vimeo video, entitled Dave. Mentioning neither "Resident Evil" or "Arklay", probably for legal reasons, it could be that the original series script has been entirely re-worked. Whatever the case, I passionately hope that this amazing ten minute view of what could-have-been, breathes new life into a series everyone considered dead.

World War Z video game announced


As soon as this trailer was revealed at The Game Awards, I just knew I had to drop the planned update for this week and replace it with this bombshell. Yes, in 2018, World War Z, the highest grossing Zombie film ever made, is getting a Zombie-packed video game - and, from the brief bit of gameplay we see, it looks like a winner! I just love the sheer amount of infected as they charge down the streets and round industrial complexes. Another highlight is the living ladder of dead the Zombies make to reach a high-up window - a smaller version of the ant-like tower they create in the movie to breach the walls of Jerusalem. I am excited and curious to see if this is just a level specific set-piece or a dynamic thing that the Zombies can do at any point, during any level, meaning nowhere, not even out-of-reach places are safe from these murderous, cannibalistic, nightmare creatures.

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The Dead Times © Tom Clark 2013 onwards

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