Welcome to the wonderful world of The Dead Times - you've made the right choice in visiting this site. But, what is the dead times, I hear you say? Like a cloaked and mysterious storyteller confined to the earthly medium of ink, I shall tell you the answer, should you take the time to read my carefully crafted text.

Imagine you wake one morning to find the recently dead roaming the Earth as mindless, flesh-eating Zombies. What will you do? How will you stay alive? How will you defend your home? Who will you trust? And just what is a Zombie anyway?

This scenario, to the common man, may seem nothing more than an overdrawn and utterly fanciful doomsday setting formed by the collective mind of a tainted media. Can Zombies really exist - can anything, once thought dead, live again to torment the living? And just how far does the rabbit hole of Zombie-hood go - how deeply has the infection spread throughout modern culture?

All these questions will be answered (as best they can be) and even more thrown up as I collate everything "Zombie" into one brain-chomping Resource of the Dead. These are not the End Times, these are... The Dead Times.




What is a Zombie?


The question "What is a Zombie?" is not as straightforward as it seems - it is actually deathly difficult to get a concise yet exhaustive answer. This article takes you through the rise of the Zombie, from its humble beginnings, through the infamous Romero period, right up to where it is today. Finally, the article provides the answer, beautifully simple yet engagingly open, to the elusive question of just what is a Zombie.

Survival: Your Worst Nightmare


We all think preparation for the, almost certain, Zombie apocalypse is necessary to survival, but is it really a good idea? What if something unexpected happens and others that you could save, move to reap the benefits of your hard work? If you do offer help but end up despising the person you saved, pointlessly sharing your stashed wealth to keep them alive while you suffer on meagre rations, was survival really what you wanted?

Omega Days


When Zombies, hungry for human flesh, enter the world of the living without warning, it does not take long for civilization to collapse. Initially, panic spreads as the insidious terror sweeps over the cities of mankind. Later, comes a realisation that the world is doomed, and, even if by some miracle, the lethal Omega Virus does not spell the end of days, the world has changed irreversibly. With eight million Zombies in the San Francisco Bay Area and counting, desperate survivors attempt to live just one more day - fruitlessly hoping that help will come. Three rules govern survival; make your bullets count, don't fall behind and don't get bitten!

Leroy and Calvin's Excellent Adventure


Meet Leroy and Calvin, two bodacious dudes on an epic journey from Florida to Canada. Why go to Canada you ask? Well, why not? Canada is a really awesome place and besides, Florida is packed full of Zombies at the moment. On this perilous journey across North America; the dynamic duo will face many an apocalyptic horror, meet new friends, bag some priceless loot, steal conveniently placed cars and swing golf clubs at decaying Zombie heads. So, read on and buckle up - this is going to be a hell of a ride!

This diary chronicles a playthrough of the wonderful PC game, Death Road to Canada - available to buy on Steam.

The Walking Dead: Michonne


From Telltale Games, the creators of legendary, narrative-led The Walking Dead adventure games, comes a new three-part miniseries starring Michonne, the blade-wielding badass from the comic books. The game tells the previously untold story of what happened to the titular heroine when she temporarily left Rick Grimes' group of "rough and ready" survivors (the period between issues 126 and 139 of The Walking Dead comic). Starting on a boat with a small group of drifters and having just intercepted a radio transmission of unknown origin, it's not long until you - playing as Michonne, still grieving over the loss of her daughters - are thrown back into a life of combat, both with the living and the dead.

I Dream of Zombies


This is a wonderful, well-made Zombie short film starring Game of Thrones actor, Josef Altin. Josef plays a young wannabe Zombie-slayer named Jordan - he's read all the books and trained with various weapons to ensure that, when the Zombie uprising begins, this is one guy who is not going to go down in the first round. However, life becomes tedious, putting in all those hours of training for something that may never happen so, when the dead ones do show up, it's like all Jordan's Christmases have come at once. Not is all as it seems though - an exciting and humorous twist at the end reveals the ultimate truth.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter trailer


It's finally here, the trailer for the sixth and final Resident Evil movie! In it, we see evidence that this is going to be a stunning conclusion to the saga, taking elements from earlier films in the series and wrapping them all into one Zombie-filled, gun-toting arena of badass. The bike and general look of lead actress Milla Jovovich, playing Alice, harks back to Resident Evil: Extinction, the revisit to Racoon City and the Hive - Apocalypse and the mighty original, then there's the surprise, Dr. Isaacs played by the talented Game of Thrones star Iain Glen, has returned, seemingly from the dead. Albert Wesker also plays a part, acted, once again, by Shawn Roberts. Sadly, not much else is given away - it's going to be an agonisingly long wait until the movie's UK release in February 2017.

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